Friday, March 16, 2007

Temptations in the forest

While wandering around the city yesterday, hubby and I discovered that the promised T.G.I. Friday's had opened on Aristotelous Square. Despite the extreme temptation (and the fact that it would be the perfect place to have dinner before going to the Film Festival tonight) we are resigned to our fasting. But on April 10th, we are there, baby!

It is nice that we now have a real variety of "American" cuisine to choose from when I am really missing home, with T.G.I. Friday's, Ruby Tuesday, and Applebee's all in our neighborhood.


toomanytribbles said...


J.Doe said...

Those 3 restaurants wouldn't tempt me at all. I think they re the most mediocre of mediocre restaurants, but I remember being an expat and any type of American food would excite me.

JennDZ said...

I guess its all about wanting what you can't have!

Timika said...

I eat alot of TGI Friday's tv dinners I have yet to go to the restaurant. I know there's one somewhere in the M-town(Memphis TN) I'll go one day .

melusina said...

I'm working on your tag toomanytribbles.

J.Doe, I really hate Applebee's. In Nashville at least, I liked Ruby Tuesday's Buffalo Chicken sandwich and the fact that they had Mr. Pibb (yes, a soft drink is a sad reason to go to a restaurant). But T.G.I. Fridays and I go way back - lots of late night partying had a stop there at one point or another.

Jenndz, exactly!

Timika, I didn't even know they had TGI Friday's tv dinners!