Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spicy black bean goodness

One thing you must understand about me is I don’t take a fancy to cooking dishes that require more than a couple of steps to make. If we get down to cooking, dicing, slicing, grinding, and mashing different ingredients to make the whole I get bored real quick (not to mention, I get turned off by all the dishes dirtied in the process, since we don’t have a dishwasher besides my own two hands). I don’t just get bored, I usually end up screwing up along the way somewhere, because I’ll look at a recipe once before I start and then hold on to a tenuous belief that my memory is a lot better than it actually is. Sure, there are some recipes that are correctly burned into my memory, but these are recipes that I’ve been making since I was an inch high to a june bug so they don’t really count.

So imagine my surprise when I attempted this totally vegan, totally nistisimo Black Bean Burger recipe, and did not get bored. Yea, I was busy. Yea, there were a ton of dishes to be washed, and yea, there was a brown rice explosion that required pulling out the vacuum (never a good sign when you are cooking). But I ground, mashed, cooked, sautéed, and reattached a spinal cord without blinking an eye. And at the end of it all I discovered a yummy new recipe to make brighter these days of fasting.

(Yes, that black bean burger is resting on a Winnie the Pooh plate)


Yianna said...

Black bean burgers sound divine. Your nistisima experiments are going well, I see! Any hankering for some McDonalds fries with that?

Vol Abroad said...

yum black beans can't be beat

christina said...

Those look really, really good. I just discovered that Fatfree Vegan Kitchen site the other day and have been exploring.

Tracie B. said...

i love black bean burgers, but they don't love me if ya know wadda mean ;)

melusina said...

Yianna, we try to keep the McDonald's to a minimum. We prefer to bake our fries in the oven (yea, ok, that defeats the purpose of calling them fries, but still).

Vol Abroad, I believe you might be right. I had never had them before, believe it or not.

Christina, they are really, really, REALLY good! I highly recommend the recipe.

Tracie B., I know exactly what you mean!