Sunday, October 22, 2006

Caffeine nation

I’m not certain, but I think the success (or is it failure?) of a household is proportionate to the number of coffee varieties available at any given moment. We are currently up to eight different types of coffee (and two types of hot chocolate) so we might be doing ok.

This is somehow related to the number of alcohol choices available, but I’m not sure exactly how. We need some work in that area, although we do currently have two different types of scotch and some Jack Daniels. The latter is really all any household needs, right?


Anonymous said...

Nobody drinks coffee here.Should I hide the pistol from the wife?

Anonymous said...

zardoz says

xm yes but in my part of town

we keep lots of "raki or tsikoudia"

(moonshine in translation)

around the house.

And of the course the misses keeps

4 types of beer and 3 kind of hot chocolates ,

in the pantry ,

the rest of the question ,,im at

my wits end ,, as to the meaning.