Friday, October 20, 2006

Pop music is all alike

For some reason, at midday, one of my neighbors has deemed it necessary to blare the Greek equivalents of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at decibel levels somewhere between a pig’s scream and the voice of God. This has been going on daily this week, and while I am the last person in the world to begrudge someone the full enjoyment of their tunes, I’d really prefer not to hear it so loudly that I can’t even listen to my own music without getting in some sort of battle of the bands scenario, with both of our stereo systems blasting past a volume setting of 11.

I haven’t blogged much about Greek music because I avoid it like the plague. Sure, I can find some fun in our Eurovision Song Contest winning song and I always support the Greek contestant even if I hate the song. I enjoy traditional Greek music immensely and I adore the Greek Orthodox chants. But I cannot withstand Greek pop music even for a second.

Greek music comes in four basic forms*:

- traditional music, music from villages, islands, and such – which I really enjoy

- modern music that uses traditional music as its base, which isn’t too bad

- modern pop music that uses a blend of things, including rhythms from American or British pop music, creating sounds that make your ears bleed

- modern music that has influences in more alternative, less traditional styles, otherwise known as music that I like

Unfortunately, it is the third type of music that is prevalent in Greek society. This is not to say that I think all of these artists are horrible musicians, some of them have great voices, I just hate their choice of style. I think Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice but I hate her music. It happens. I have the same general objections to the music that is popular in American society so you shouldn’t feel so bad if you are indeed a fan of Greek pop. I just don’t have the stomach for it.

Until recently, I hadn’t really heard much music from Greek artists that wasn’t either pop or traditional. Lately, though, thanks to MySpace, I have discovered a bevy of bands in Greece who play great, original music that is more my style. At least now I can find something local I can enjoy.

Hopefully, my neighbor will learn to turn it down a bit. I’m not really sure they want to hear the likes of Sepultura or Ministry blasting in response. And I’m sure they don’t want to hear Old Rugged Cross Dressers at maximum volume.

My apologies to my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law, and any other Greeks who love Greek pop music. I just can’t stand it, I’m sorry.

*I am purposefully omitting Greek rap music, because I am trying hard to pretend it doesn’t really exist


CHEZ BEZ said...

You like Ministry or you just keep it around to piss off neighbors? I'm cranking "Stigmata" now.

goldenapplecorp said...

One word: "polka"
It'll piss anyone off.

Flubberwinkle said...

Well, I would be surprised if you DID like Greek pop music... I'm Greek and even I can't STAND Greek pop music. I'm kept up to date of what's new by cars driving by with humongous woofers that rattle our house and entire block.

I'm not entirely in the dark... I know who Phoebus is and I know that Anna Vissi and Despoina Vandi are pop star rivals and one's trying to maintain her pop diva status.

As for the Eurovision Song Contest I wish it would regain some of its ethnic qualities from contestants. This year, all the pop songs just blurred together, like MTV awards. The fact that Lordi won was like sending a message to the headhonchos of the music industry: Cut the crap, pop music isn't everything.

Anonymous said...

Come on. Greek pop music has such inovative lyrics.

For example, Paparizou's Eurovision song:

"you are the one, when I take a number 2" (or something like that)

Creative eh!

melusina said...

Mike, I LOVE Ministry, although I wasn't quite so pleased with Rio Grande Blood.

GoldenAppleCorp - I try to avoid blasting stuff that would drive me insane too. So no polka! And who knows, crazy Greeks might like it. ugh.

Flubberwinkle, of course you can't stand Greek pop. You are normal! (or maybe that makes you not normal, hard to tell in this day and age) And yes, I wish Eurovision would revert to the older days - even though I never watched it before I moved to Greece, I have seen the older shows - and I love the more traditional music they had. The perversion of entertainment continues...

Very cute, anonymous.

St. Caffeine said...

I know nothing about Greek pop music, but I do want to give you "props" for the Spinal Tap allusion -- always a good thing.

teacher dude said...

I find a good dose of either the Dead Kennedys or Big Black gets rid of stubborn stains and noisy neighbours.

Infindecimal slice said...

I find Greek dubs of certain disney songs quite interesting, you sometimes get to listen to types of music which are hard to find here.