Saturday, October 28, 2006

A day of No

Today is Οχι Day in Greece, which I blogged about last year and probably will every year as long as I am blogging. It takes guts to be the underdog and still stand up to your enemies, which in my eyes is kinda what this day is all about.

What this day is really about, however, usually ends up being annoyance at shops being closed, near dead city streets, and fighter planes scaring the bejesus out of my cats.

Even so, I stand in adulation of the brave Greeks who sacrificed much in World War II. I am honored to be here and be able to be a part of the remembrance of this day.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the scenes from Thessaloniki on the TV. It looked great.

I agree with your sentiments, here's to every man and woman who laid their lives down so we could be here today, living in peace and freedom, moaning about fighter planes scaring our cats.