Saturday, October 07, 2006

Life on Mars

In true form to my absolute geekiness, I have to share these latest photos from the Mars rover and point you to the awesome multimedia presentation (you'll have to excuse the dorky rock anthem that goes along with it) of pictures from the rover, which is in the upper right of the same page.

Mars looks good, very desert-like, but totally habitable. We should just send some denizens of desert regions in the U.S. to check it out, see if they can stand it. Maybe they can adapt somehow. Wouldn't that be awesome?

At the very least, it is nice to see that NASA is actually doing something cool in the quest to learn about other planets. If only they could figure out warp drive, we'd be set.


Anonymous said...

when you say mars habitble, how breathe since no air

melusina said...

Sorry, I was being facetious.