Saturday, October 28, 2006

Expat Interviews

My interview with the lovely people at Expat Interviews is now posted and available for reading and/or general mockery. I have the honor of being the first expat in Greece at their informative site and they would like to hear from more expats in Greece (and no doubt more from various places around the globe). If you are interested in giving an interview peruse their site and then give them a shout out.

I noticed, upon further reflection, that when talking about fellow Greek bloggers I left out the wonderful Flubberwinkle. My mistake! I had every intention of including her.


Scruffy said...

HI Mel (or Laura?),

Wow, good article. Hey you look a little like Elvira.

For some reason, I always assumed you were blond?

Anonymous said...

congrats ms MEL
on a great interview. =z=

Kat Coble said...

What a fun read! Although it trips me out that your name isn't some form of "Mel". I had always just assumed you were a "Melissa" or "Melinda".

It was fun to get to "know" you better, and rather illuminating about Greece in general. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I too am in shock that I'm posting on the blog of Laura. However my main concern is the following statement:

"EllasDevil is an occasional Greek" (albeit 'possibly' taken out of context!)

I'd like to firmly state for the record that I'm no longer an occaisional Greek, I've signed up full time now


Being serious though, a great interview and an interesting read.

melusina said...

Scruffy, no I am not blond, have never been really, except when I was a child, and thankfully I grew out of it. I'll pretend the Elvira remark was a compliment. =p

Thanks Zardoz.

Yea Kat, for some reason I can't use my real name online, it doesn't seem interesting enough. I've been using melusina for so long sometimes I've referred to myself that way in real life.

EllasDevil, don't be smart with me! You know what I meant!

Scruffy said...


I guess I should have said that your hair looks like Elvira's a bit. Sorry about that!