Thursday, October 05, 2006

A trail of blood

My sister-in-law left for Sweden today, where she will freeze her ass off in the study of all things Swedish and hopefully continuing her pediatric specialization. On Monday we took her to our latest favorite restaurant in Thessaloniki - Κουρδιστό Γουρούνι (The Wound Up Pig), and for once, she had to wait for our arrival. When we sat down, she said that she was going to sit on the marble wall facing Agia Sophia, but there was blood all over it. Bloody handprints, pools of blood, spray, and a bloody cloth - all over the marble and the street. While we were eating our dinner, we saw a guy with a walkie talkie looking at the bloody area, and a cleanup crew arrived promptly to pressure spray the entire area clean.

Later, my husband told me actually had seen bloody footprints either leading to or from the scene with all the blood - footprints that ended abruptly on the curb, as if someone had gotten in or out of a car.

Is this the kind of scene you just wash away without trying to figure out what happened?


Tim said...

It is if the "cleaners" weren't police.

Dixie said...

That's freaky! Sounds like something out of a movie thriller.

teacher dude said...

So nobody was caught red-handed then? LOL

BTW κουρδιστο γουρουνι translates better as clockwork pig, unless the pig in question is a particularly stressed out individual.