Friday, October 27, 2006

Is it something in the water?

Sure, Greece has its share of tourist deaths, especially during the peak seasons. Not only do we have all kinds of water for people to drown in, there are ancient ruins that can tumble, mountains to climb and gulches to fall into. But this year there have been three violent murder/suicide/injury/unknown cause incidents, all involving Brits on what should have been a pleasant holiday in the land of sun and sea.

The latest incident involves a family of four who were found poisoned in their hotel room on the island of Corfu. The two children, ages 6 and 7, were found dead, the parents are in comas. There is some suggestion that poison mushrooms might be involved, but no hard evidence is available yet.

In August, a man jumped from his hotel room balcony holding his son and daughter, killing his son and injuring his daughter and himself.

Earlier this month, a man was charged with attempted murder in the fall of his girlfriend from their hotel room balcony. Both of the latter incidents were on Crete.

All tragic incidents, all quite horrifying. I am so saddened by the the recent tragedy, especially if it is an accident of food poisoning of some kind. I pray that there is no evidence of a foul play. My thoughts are with the loved ones and the parents as they cling to life. May they find some blessings in their time of grief.

UPDATE: This article from the BBC website confirms that the children died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas leak. The police are looking into charging the hotel with negligent manslaughter. Both adults have regained consciousness, but have not been informed of the deaths of the children. I am outraged at the insensitivity that seems to have been shown the family by the hotel staff, as it appears the husband asked for help while he was still conscious. My heart goes out to this family, and poor mother of these two children, who had to get the call about their deaths from a thousand miles away.


Tracie B. said...

well then you better be happy that you're not here and having to watch steven segal like me...AGAIN!

Flubberwinkle said...

Tonight I heard on the news that coroner reports the children's deaths and adults' hospitalization was most probably caused by toxic gases (!), perhaps from the ventilation/air conditioning/gas leak (?)

Oh, what a horror. Two innocent angels gone just like that.