Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another reason I can't wait to leave the city

Our car was broken into again, only this time they did it properly, with the little back window and the front driver’s side window smashed in (I suppose our friendly neighborhood thief didn’t have long enough arms to reach the back door lock from the little window). I hope the effort was worth what they got from the car – our radio, which never really worked properly and is basically useless without the CD changer. Ironically, he (or she, I’m equal opportunity) did not get the nine euros’ worth of change my husband kept in the car, although how they missed that must be chalked up to the fact that they were really jonesing for some dope. They rooted through the glove compartment, no doubt because they think all people are as stupid as drug addicts, and surely the average human being puts their extra money in the glove compartment instead of the bank.

So here we go again, another three hundred euros (or more) to repair the damn car. I still have to wonder how our car went for almost two years in the same damn spot without being touched, only to be broken into once we actually started using it again. Hey, it is all worth it if Mr. or Mrs. Crackhead got their fix. I wouldn’t want them to detox on my watch.


Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel.

Someone broke into my car to go through a bag I had for the garbage & later on the car was stolen.

The funny thing was that a fews day before, I was explaining to my nephew that I didn't bother getting an alarm because car thieves don't steal Hyundai Atos & when I told the police that it was an Atos, they asked me if perhaps I had forgotten where I parked it.

Why do you assume it was an addict?

"they think all people are as stupid as drug addicts"

Believe me, they are just as stupid or intelligent as non-addicts.


J.Doe said...

I'm sorry to hear that your car was broken into. That was a funny line you wrote about everybody keeping their cash stashed in the glove compartment instead of a bank though.

Lafkos said...

did they take your registration papers as well. I am always curious if they will still my international driver license and my blue registration card, but not afraid enough to take them out of the car.

melusina said...

Mary - You know we have a car alarm but never use it. I have to wonder if that is why our car was targeted - it was one of the few that didn't have that telltale flashing light showing it was armed. I think it was an addict because our neighborhood is rife with them, plus a "pro" wouldn't take the time to break into a car unless it had a half decent stereo (which ours obviously didn't). There wasn't anything else visible in our car that would have attracted any attention, either, so only someone needing a fix would take the trouble for something that, at best, might have scored them 10 euros. I've known some people who used to break into cars, and they just don't target a car with nothing in it. Of course, there is always the possibility it is someone who just doesn't like us, but I don't know why that would be, unless it is because I am American. And you'd think they would have done more damage if that was the case.

Drug addicts may not be inherently stupid, but they are very, very stupid when they are high and especially stupid when they are jonesing for a fix. I've known too many to think they have any spark of intelligence while drugs are on their mind.

J.Doe - Yea, I mean really, do people keep anything of value in the glove compartment?

Lafkos - No, they didn't take any papers. I don't see why they would, they would be completely useless to them (even if they stole the car they would be useless). I always keep my international driver's license in my purse though, I wouldn't ever keep it in the car.

Cheryl said...

I know how you feel. Having lived in the city in back home it's happened to us. It just happened to us last winter. All that they took was about $7.00 in change, we always kept in the car for the tollway. The culprit also had access to the garage,but didn't take any equipment or bikes so I am sure it was a drug addict-or homeless person. This person also tried to get into our house without success. It's just maddening and the feeling of being violated, no matter how small the crime is, is just hard to shake.
sorry to hear that you were broken into again.