Monday, August 20, 2007

British invasion

How hot is new British Foreign Secretary David Miliband?* Even my husband was impressed with his youthful handsomeness. He is supposedly the second youngest ever to hold this position at age 42, and he looks even younger. He keeps a blog (well, it seems to be in suspended animation since his new appointment) and a website. Generation X is plowing their way into big-time politics, and it is nice to have politicians that are seriously droolworthy like Mr. Miliband. But is he smart? Presumably so, he did get his Masters at MIT.

Smarts, good looks, he is on his way to being a rock star. The Beatles better scootch over. I think David Miliband is the new British Invasion.

*I mean no offense to his lovely wife, who is free to drool over my husband whenever she wants

EDIT: Ok, my husband said the above wasn't the best picture. It isn't the same picture that was in the TIME article I read (in print). This one is better.


toomanytribbles said...

this is hot? it's not even lukewarm.


Joanne said...

Mel...sorry, but this guy's all yours. Now, speaking of drool-worthy men - my all time favourite is Daniel Craig - the new James Bond!!!! :D

Thanos said...

That's just an unflattering picture. He is handsome if I say so myself (a very unfair trade Mrs. Miliband, I'm nothing to drool over, I'm sorry).

Joanne, we have totally different tastes in men it seems (same with me and my wife, although we agree now and then, don't we =p)!

CaliforniaKat said...

I read about him in TIME magazine a couple weeks ago. I was surprised he was 42, looked younger to me.

Hotness? Hmmm. Maybe it's the power. Everyone has their different tastes, in any case. I've always found everyday accessible men to be the best.

melusina said...

Toomanytribbles - Ah, but he is sooo hot! I guess I like weird looking men.

Joanne - Well, I guess I see why we differ. I can't stand Daniel Craig as far as his looks go. His acting is top notch, though.

Kat - Yea, I thought he looked younger too. I don't think I'm attracted to his power. I just saw that picture in TIME and was like "wow! huzzah huzzah!" I think maybe it is that he does look like an everyday, accessible man to me.

By the way, Thanos is totally droolworthy. This is why I keep him hidden away!