Monday, August 06, 2007

It's just like living in an episode of Green Acres

Yesterday my husband and I went up to the new house to inspect the work that had been done last week. Because we are lazy, we opted to park in front of the gate instead of driving up to our house (of course, it just means we have to walk further, so whether or not it is laziness or stupidity I just can’t say), and when we got out of the car, we came across a field of goat poop lining the area in front of the gate. I actually wouldn’t have known it was feces of any kind, because it rather looked like dog food to me (except there would be no reason for dog food to be strewn over our front yard), but my husband informed me quite succinctly that it was goat shit.

Yes, it seems Mr. Shepherd-Man has been herding his flock right by our gate so the goats can litter our drive with their little kibble turds. Lovely. And to think, I could have gone my entire life without ever being able to identify goat poo.


Cheryl said...

Funny, my husband referred to me as "Zsa Zsa" just yesterday. We were looking at the house that we are trying to buy yesterday and I just sort of looked around, afraid to touch anything outside...or even walk off of the concrete pathway. I ask a lot of "What's this? Why?" questions. Also, there was a very scary (and sad) looking stray dog sitting in front of the gate. We all know that these dogs are typically harmless and need love, but I wasn't getting out of the car!!! What will we do?

Anonymous said...

I hate to unleash my granola tendencies on you, seeing what the hip urban chic that you are, but goat turds are FANTASTIC compost/mulch/fertilizer. My God, people in cities pay for certain animal turds like horse, rabbit, cow, goat, sheep, and even chicken. The chicken is really disgusting, but the rest is not so bad.

Are you and Thanos planning on gardening at all?

You're probably disgusted right now.

melusina said...

Cheryl, that poor dog! I think he'll leave you alone. He probably just wants some food and attention. We have a pack of dogs that hang out in front of our gate, they are pretty harmless, but I know what you mean, it is a bit disconcerting.

Onward and Upward, I totally get the use of goat turds (and others) for such things. We probably won't do any gardening, the house is built as such we only have stone around it, but I'm hoping to have some planters some day (although I do have a black thumb, every plant in my care dies). Although the area in front of the gate could be prettified with some gardening.