Thursday, August 16, 2007

The land without the summer blockbuster

Summer is over in Greece. This seems to be the general opinion after the August 15th holiday, which signals back to work, no more playing around, and by god, have a good freakin’ winter because summer is long gone.

During the long, dreary Greek summer, some movie theaters close down and the ones that remain open show whatever crap they can stir up, which probably includes videos of cousin Nikos shooting at goats with a paint gun (I was going to say tipping cows, but do they even do that here?). Nope, the summer blockbuster does not exist here, because Greeks are normal people who spend the warm weather months on the beach, on boats, on the mountains, wherever the hell they can be outside and enjoy life, because people that sit in movie theaters in the summer time are oddities who must live underground, eat insects, and combust at the first glimmer of sunlight. The very idea of someone sitting inside in the summertime is the greatest blasphemy here. Greeks seem to be paranoid about all kinds of mythic ills that can occur from all kinds of things, yet they completely ignore the unmitigated, scientific fact that unlimited exposure to the sun is dangerous for some people, especially light-skinned tourists who walk around the city looking like radiation victims.

At any rate, now that summer is over and citizens are returning to the cities, hopefully we will see an influx of the blockbuster movies that never arrived, namely Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (opening next week). Of course, some movies never make it here, no matter how popular or how highly anticipated (we were waiting forever for Zodiac to make it here, and it hasn’t as of yet – of course, maybe it tanked, but that doesn’t seem to stop half the movies that end up in our theaters). At least now I can look forward to a wide variety of movie choices that I don’t want to see, instead of just a couple.

Καλό χειμώνα (kalo heimona) everyone.


Joanne said...

Oh no! Summer can't be "over" yet. I still haven't taken my summer vacation!

I went to a few movies over the course of the summer and I have been renting a slew of DVDs from the local video rental store too.

"Disturbia"(my rating: 8.5), Spiderman 3 (my rating 8.5),"The Hills have Eyes"(it's on DVD - my rating: 6.5), "Ratatouille"(my rating: 9.5), "Flannel Pyjamas"(DVD - my rating: 8)...there's still a few I have been wanting to see but haven't had the chance i.e. The Bourne Ultimatum - newly released.

Summer time here in Toronto means going to the movies where it is cool and air-conditioned to escape the smog and high humidity that comes with our summers. Some poeple go to their cottage and swim in the lake. Not me - I head to the movies :) to stay cool and entertained.

Anonymous said...

Καλό χειμώνα;;;;;;;;;

You wash out your DIRTY mouth using words like that! I absolutely HATE winter with a passion! Urgh! Yuk!

But in the meantime, it's still bright, sunny and warm which means it is still summer a.k.a ΚΑΛΟκαίρι!

CaliforniaKat said...

That won't stop people from roasting like turkeys until well into September and counting the number of swims they've had.

They do have nice outdoor theaters for people who aren't carried off by mosquitos (like me - wah!). But you're right, no blockbusters.