Saturday, August 18, 2007

You gotta fight for your rights

Happy Women's Suffrage in the U.S. Day! Ironically, women had the right to stand for election in the U.S. long before they had the right to vote, but we still haven't managed to have a female president.*

*not that this statement means that I, as a feminist, would support ANY female candidate that ran for office just because she was a female. I believe that no matter your gender or race or religion or whatever, you should be qualified for the job you want. I don't believe in giving anyone an edge if they don't deserve it.


Rositta said...

Would you like to see Hilary Clinton as President? Can she really do the job or will people vote for her because it's time for a woman?...ciao:)

Thanos said...

I certainly think she can "do the job" - certainly better than W. and her husband. I rather think people will *not* vote for her, because she's a woman.

melusina said...

Rositta - I do think Hilary is qualified to be President. However, she and I don't see eye to eye on everything so I am not convinced she is *my* best candidate. Still, we are so early in the election cycle (which probably wouldn't normally be starting until next month) I don't know which Dem is the best candidate in my opinion.

As to Thanos' comment about not voting for her because she's a woman, well, that is certainly a possibility when it comes to middle line voters who might lean conservative but prefer the Dem ticket. But I think the end result might surprise us all.