Monday, August 27, 2007


It is hard to be witty and sarcastic when your country is burning. It is impossible to think about anything else these days, as the death toll continues to rise and fires continue to burn. The loss of life, the loss of wildlife, the loss of forests that our planet desperately needs to keep breathing - it is unimaginable that anyone hates the world so much as to bring this kind of destruction on their own country to such a catastrophic level. A lifetime in prison would be far too kind for these monsters. Hate is the only thing I can feel for the arsonists - the ones who set these fires deliberately.

Now all I can do is pray that the fires will abate, that the survivors may endure, and that the criminals will pay.

To the countries that are helping Greeks fight the fires, we thank you.


Kevin Whited said...

Sure, I'm finally planning a trip (less than a month!), and the place is burning down. :(

CaliforniaKat said...

Kevin, Greece is still a beautiful country...come and enjoy it!

You can still go home afterward. For people who live here, they must stay and cope with the aftermath.

Sandra said...

I've been reading about it on your blog, but this morning, for the first time, I saw some video of the fires on TV. It was a sad and appalling sight, very upsetting.

Rositta said...

We are coming Monday for 7 weeks and I plan to enjoy every moment. Californiakat is right though, I get to go home and you have to live with he aftermath. Anarchism rules in Greece looks like, something has to give. To my mind this is terrorism, pure and simple...ciao:)

Dixie said...

I'm so heartbroken for Greece and for all those who live there and love her so much. Every time I see the fires on the news and see the sheer agony of those who are suffering because of them I can feel the tears begin to well up.

My prayer is that the fires end soon and that those responsible are caught and brought to justice. And I pray for those who have lost loves ones and who have lost their homes and businesses. I pray for their comfort and their endurance.

melusina said...

Kevin - it should be beautiful in Greece in a month, and will (hopefully) not be burning anymore!

Sandra - it is a horrifying thing to watch. I've always found fire to be especially frightening, probably because it seems to live and breathe.

Rositta - Kalo taxidi!

Dixie - Thank you for your prayers. Greece and Greeks need them!