Sunday, August 26, 2007

A summer of tragedy

This has been the summer of fire in Greece, and even Hephaestos couldn’t contain the recent outbreak – 124 fires in 24 hours, mostly burning in the Peloponnese. There are more than 50 dead, and I can’t shake the hellish scenes of scores of burned out cars, filled with the remains of people trying to flee, and of bodies being carried carefully down hills. The horror of these dead is unimaginable, and the anguish is made real by the report of the burned bodies of a mother embracing her four children, her last maternal act before being consumed by fire.

It is hard to doubt that these fires weren’t deliberate – so many started in such a short time - and in my anger I won’t even dare mention what I really think should happen to the arsonists that started these fires. They’ll get theirs, eventually, even though a lifetime in prison is far too kind.

For now, I grieve with my adopted country. Tragedies like this belong in myth, not reality.


Rositta said...

I am sickened by what I have been seeing on tv. My brother-in-law was on his way to the village of Pylos this morning and was turned back by police. His wife's family are there and well all hope they are well. Would it be paranoid to wonder if this isn't some form of terrorism?

Oriana said...

First of all, I'm deeply sorry for what happens in Greece, I wish you all my best.

Next up on the calendar is Greece, for the month of August. I especially need Greek links — I have almost no Greek Counterjihad sites on my list.

Ωσ Εδω!

Please write to Gates of Vienna.

Thank you so much !

Oriana, Italy

EllasDevil said...

It's the horror that people have done this on purpose that makes me go cold.

Each and every arsonist should be charged with the murder of everyone who has died nationwide as a result of these fires. It's their actions that have seen men, women and children loose their lives.

How these people can live with themselves I cannot understand.

Joanne said...

Is it so difficult for the Greek authorities to set up some kind of vigilant strategy in order to put an end to such atrocities once and for all?????
This is not a recent occurrence in's been happening every damn summer for as far back as I can recall.
People need to be educated on how to handle a bush fire...every household should have a fire extinguisher or two, woolen blankets, several gallon water reserve with a pump and a hose, ladders, woolen sweaters, boots, a rake, broom, etc, etc, it's instinctual for people to want to hop into their cars and drive away but according to the experts the best way to deal with a bush fire is to stay put and gear up for an emergency...there are many people that do not have a clue on how to deal with a fire. A mother's embrace can only go so far in protecting her children during a fire. It's sad!! So very sad!!

Zorba the Greek said...

A real tragedy. 60 people are dead. There are no words to describe what's happening in southern Greece. Some Greek officials have responsibility for that crime.

Joanne said...

Zorba - It's always easy to blame the officials and the politicians. "Yes" they are guilty, and negligent and at times live in their "glass bubbles" BUT each person needs to stop believing that the officials will help them. Each and every person needs to take matters into their own hands. Save yourself; save your country; save this planet.
I'm sure there are many people out there that often take a backseat and say "it's the government's fault...where were they...why didn't they help?" Don't be naive...don't take the "not in my backyard" approach...which basically sums up into: if you don't live it and experience it - you don't care about it. Everyone must band together and work as a community and as a country and to hell with the "officials" and the politicians trying to get your vote for the upcoming elections.