Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Appropriate Dinner Conversation

My favorite touristy taverna in Thessaloniki is Οπτά Πυρί near Aristotelous Square. Their food is good, they have nice live music, and the location is prime – surrounding a fountain square. Their only downside is once they’ve brought your food, you lose service forever unless you clap your hands together maniacally, quack like a duck, and do the chicken dance. It is painfully obvious that waitpersons in Greece don’t rely on tips for pay like their American counterparts, although we still tip them damn near the same. Hey, it is hard not to tip once you get used to it.

At dinner tonight I thought my husband and I were at a loss for words, until we started talking about a friend of ours who is taking Anatomy classes. Despite being a doctor, my husband would rather die than have any dealings with Anatomy classes, and I made the point that I couldn’t see myself working on a corpse – that all the various crap we dissected in high school was bad enough.

ME: Yea, I could barely stand dissecting frogs, and starfish, among other things.


ME: Yea, you know, starfish are really friggin’ weird inside.

HUBBY: They are?

ME: Yea, it looks like peanut butter and shit.

HUBBY: Please! Not while we are having dinner!

ME: But you’re a doctor!

HUBBY: I’m not a starfish doctor!

Nope, my husband is definitely NOT a proctologist.


sappho said...

"I'm not a starfish doctor"!!!

If I ever get back to Greece, I have to hang out with you & your hubby! You two make me laugh so hard!

Emily said...

That was a romantic dinner you two had, eh? You know, weird conversations like these lead into something later in the evening. And Greece is so romantic.

Tim said...

mmm . . . starfish butter and jellyfish sandwiches.

melusina said...

We'd love to hang out with you Sappho. And yes, we *are* a hoot!

Emily, we are the king and queen of romance. Truly.

Tim, sounds delicious, doesn't it?

Tim said...

Yeah, about as delicious as fried possum or chitterlings, which, coming from TN., I'm sure you know all about. :)