Saturday, August 19, 2006

Whatever could he be dreaming about?

Tonight I was in bed watching TV when a drop of water hit my arm. I shook my sleeping husband and asked if he was sweating profusely. He said, sleepily, "it wasn't me!", turned over, and then raised his head and said "unless the Germans did it", and went back to sleep again.

I suppose if I were travelling back to 1942 in my sleep I'd blame the Germans for everything too.


PeaceMan said...

Someone else post this. I save it but forget save site.

Anonymous said...
Here is a quick quiz on Islam.

Question: What did the Prophet Mohammed (founder of the "religion of peace") do to the poets and artists listed below on the approximate dates written by each of the names?

1. March, 624: Al-Nadr bin al-Harith
2. March, 624: Uqba bin Abu Muayt
3. March, 624: Asma bint Marwan
4. April, 624: Abu Afak
5. September, 624: Kab bin al-Ashraf
6. September(?), 624: Ibn Sunayna
7. July or August, 625: A One-eyed Bedouin
8. January 630: One of Abdullah bin Katal’s two singing-girls

Answer: He had them killed for writing poems or singing songs that displeased him.

Now please tell me how any sane or reasonable person can have one iota of respect for this "Messenger of God" and the hideous death-cult he has inflicted upon humanity?

PeaceMan said...



A short fim by Theo Van Gogh. He was brutally murdered for making it by a Muslim. Van Gogh was shot several times and his throat was slashed.

As well as being stabbed twice, a knife was used to pin Death Threats to Other Non-Dhimmis to his chest.

All This...For making a Movie.


(some comments from youtube)
-- 3sailingdogs: islamofascism is the problem, the whole world over. they kill hindus in india, blow up buddhist statues in afghanistan, kill jews in israel, kill christians in spain. the problems are getting worse, and until your religion cleans itself up, lots more innocent muslims are going to die i'm afraid.
-- Cattttt: Notice how the most seriously hateful posts on vids like this are Muslim on Muslim? Sunni versus Shi'ite? Imagine if, say Baptists posted "you're not Christian" posts on a vid of a Methodist preacher. I am Christian, and I can post a positive comment on this. The Muslim comments are "anyone who is not the exact kind of Muslim I am, is not a Muslim."

The outcome, of course, is to kill the "non-Muslims," which include other Muslims.

Finally, a muslim with common sense

Jack H. said...


As I thought about the water hitting your arm, it reminded me of my own thought processes late at night.

For example, sometimes, when I lie in bed at night and look up at the stars, I think to myself, "Man! I really need to fix that roof."