Sunday, August 06, 2006

Observations while sitting by the sea

  • Young men in Greece (well, Thessaloniki at least) do the stupidest things with hair gel. Seriously boys, you'd be better off with a mullet. Not that Greece is lacking in mullet dos.
  • As for the young women, well, lets just say that big hair is trying desperately to make a comeback. I hope it doesn't.
  • There must be something in the water here, because in the span of two hours I saw at least a dozen visibly pregnant women. If you add that to those that might not be showing yet and those that might not know, that is a lot of pregnant women. I better be careful what I drink.
  • A parking space by the sea has a life span of less than three seconds.
  • Greek love songs don't sound particularly good when blasted at full volume from crappy car sound systems.
  • Nobody cares that your car or motorcycle can make really loud engine noises, except 16-year-old boys. If that is the demographic you are trying to impress, go for it.
  • Cafés by the sea are prime people watching places. Unfortunately, you have to deal with lots of noise from passing traffic on Nikis Ave., a main thoroughfare that runs along the bay.
  • Sitting beside the sea is the best place to be on these sweltering days of summer, where you can actually enjoy the breezes that drift off of the waves.


Smitty said...

How about:

- Just because you have a table or two as a "NO SMOKING" section, doesn't mean that people will actually not smoke there, and especially when the establishment encourages this by placing an ashtray on those "NON SMOKING" tables.

Cynthia Rae said...

The guys in Greece and Italy have hair gel in common. I am always surprised when I see hair gel on the shelves at the store. Somehow there is never a shortage.

Hope the heat has backed off a little for you guys. We had a cold front go through and I am wearing a sweatshirt as I type. At last, weather that I LOVE! Too bad it won't last long...