Thursday, August 24, 2006

Et tu, Pluto?

I'm really glad that leading astronomers sit around spending time debating things like whether or not Pluto gets to be a planet. I'm especially glad they have finally, by god, come up with a definition for what makes a planet because really, the world was at a loss without a definition.

Now that they have determined, officially, that Pluto is not a planet but a dwarf planet, I think we can all rest easier. I worry about little Pluto though. What if the other, real planets make fun of him now? What if Pluto plunges into such a deep depression that he leaps, unceremoniously, into a black hole? I suppose it could be worse. We might have lost Uranus.

Now can the leading astronomers now get down to important things like inhabiting the moon and warp drive capabilities? I mean sheesh, it is 2006 people! The best we can come up with is demoting Pluto?


J.Doe said...

I thought recently a 10th planet outside of Pluto was found. Now they decided that Pluto isn't a planet? Sheesh. Get your story straight you astronomer guys.

Tim said...

I made a similar post - "Xena, Galactic Princess?" - and now I've discovered they're not only considering a 10, but a 11th and 12th as well. Would you believe planet Cerces, the well known asteroid between Mars and Jupiter? What are they thinking?!?

melusina said...

Yea, I think the astronomers have lost it completely. First with the new planets (and naming one Xena, for all that is good and holy!) and now Pluto is ousted! Sheesh. Give me warp drive, dammit!