Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Probable cause

The neighbors above us seem to have problems deciding exactly where they want their furniture. Ever since the weekend, they've been moving what sounds like giant, colicky dragons with their nails scraping the floor and constant bursts of gas emitting from either end. This sound is particularly startling at 2am, when you awaken suddenly in your sleep and wonder why the circus is storing its animals above your head. While I understand proper furniture placement is crucial to good karma, it doesn't help much if it causes the people below you to have minor neurological damage that mimics Tourette's syndrome every time you see said neighbors in the hall.

Of course, I have to wonder what the neighbors below us think every time the cats run like recently emancipated banshees through the apartment. When I saw them downstairs yesterday, I'm pretty sure that word she said to me wasn't hello.


Cynthia Rae said...

Crazy cats are one thing, moving your couch in the middle of night is something else!

Good luck to you, let's hope they get the room put together soon!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the monster from the LOST television show.

Dixie said...

The folks living above us make some strange sounds themselves - lots of hammering and moving heavy things around. They owen a boutique that's around the corner so I imagine it's clothes storage that's creating the noise but what about ladies sportswear needs hammering?