Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I used to want my MTV

Yea, so MTV wants to kowtow to its main demographic and avoid celebrating its 25th anniversary. There are a lot of us old farts who still scroll past MTV now and then, hoping for a mere glimpse of the past, and you'd think they could acknowledge that with an anniversary weekend filled with VJs and videos from the early days, when MTV wasn't a corporate sponsorship.

Ah well. Happy Birthday anyway, MTV. You shouldn't be so ashamed of your past. It was a shining, golden version of what you are now.


AT said...

I fear this is where we differ, my dear Mel. I'm of the thinking that MTV is singlehandedly responsible for the dumbing down of at least two generations (present company excepted, of course), and for the watering down of the general culture, starting with music, and pretty much dominating pop culture with bland, lowest common denominator pap.
That said, I watched it a lot in the 90s (I'm ashamed)...

melusina said...

Well, I agree on a certain level with that. But I am talking about the MTV of the early 80's - before music was sold-out and cut into cute little corporate packages. The MTV of the past decade, if not longer, has been quite filled with idiocy and poor taste in music.

That's why I wish they'd go back, just for a weekend.

Frank Strovel III said...

All of the original VJs from MTV (except the late JJ Jackson, of course) are now working for SIRIUS satellite radio on the 80s channel. All day today they're doing what MTV should've done.

You can easily sign up for a free 3-day online trial and listen in. Go to www.sirius.com.