Sunday, August 27, 2006

Greeks play good basketball

Who woulda thunk it? The Greek basketball team has made it to the FIBA World Championship Quarterfinals, after a smashing game against China today, with a final score of 95-64. Greece is among four teams that are undefeated in the championship, and they will face off with France on Wednesday. Providing that Greece wins against France and the U.S. win against Germany (well duh, like they won't), Greece will stand up to the Americans on Thursday.

If you want to know who I will root for in that event, my answer is when in Rome...



Not Your Average said...

I watched this game. Was great. Glad to see you enjoyed it as well.

B-Baller No 1 said...

Mel, once again you have succumbed to power of the "Stockholm Syndrome."

I say Dream Team USA all the way!!!

I'll root for Greece all the way to their slaughter against our troops!

Lebron and the boys are waiting!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't get an e-mail through to you from the good ole USA. From Nash Vegas. So I'm going to "post a comment" that is the e-mail I tried to send ...

I was bored at work and came across your blog, Mel's Diner. I'm sitting in my office in a high rise across from the Tennessee state capitol. Hume-Fogg graduate, and you are 36? So am I, both 36 and part of a group known as just a bunch of nerds having a good time. Who be You?
I be Micaela Brown.
Back in Nashville with husband after detour through Oregon, NYC, New Jersey. Nashville sucks, be glad you are somewhere interesting!

HFA did have a good basketball team, btw. Go Knights.

rabbitholedaily(brad) said...

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melusina said...

Hey Micaela, I seem to be having a hard time sending an email to you too. I just tried again, we'll see if it gets through this time.