Thursday, August 24, 2006

The fading of the light

As summertime oh so slowly ebbs away (the heat will not I fear, as always) our days of light grow ever shorter. It is almost dark by 20:30 now, and while I am a creature of the night who shuns the sun, I find these shortening days a bit sad, as if the early darkness steals our summer dreams.
Yet I too love the darkening days, the early twilight, the promise of a winter chill, of Christmas near, a midwinter's tale, the blessing of Hestia, the hearth of warmth and happiness. A chthonic goddess is still a goddess, after all.

I shall not rage against the dying of the light. I shall celebrate, instead, and look forward to another cycle of life.


FreeCyprus said...

hey melusina, thanks for stopping by!

I posted this :-)

Days of Kindness

Greece is a good place
To look at the moon, isn´t it
You can read by moonlight
You can read on the terrace
You can see a face
As you saw it when you were young
There was good light then
Oil lamps and candles
And those little flames
That floated on a cork in olive oil
What I loved in my old life
I haven´t forgotten
It lives in my spine
Marianne and the child
The days of kindness
It rises in my spine
And it manifests as tears
I pray that a loving memory
Exists for them too
The precious ones I overthrew
For an education in the world

Leonard Cohen,
Canadian poet, novelist, and singer-songwriter.

Hydra, 1985

Ergotelina said...

A chthonic goddess is still a goddess, after all.

i liked that!....

Have a good night...
and a happy winter too....

Anonymous said...

zardoz says :
yep i agree with both of commentators before,, nice post.....=z=

Tim said...

You painted winter beautifully - but hey, we're not quite ready for winter and 24-hour darkness up here just yet? Two more weeks of summer, ok? Then you can have your rotting leaves and shrubs. :)

melusina said...

Free Cyprus, thats lovely, and true! Leonard Cohen is awesome.

Ergo, thanks. =)

Zardoz, as always, glad to have you around.

Tim, I don't blame you. But I think I'd like the 24-hour darkness. And you get 24-hour light too!