Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where to eat in the Thessaloniki City Center

I've been in Thessaloniki just over a year now, so we've pretty much found our favorite places to eat here in the center where we live. I figured I'd be kind enough to share it with the world, so if someone googles "where to eat in Thessaloniki" they might get lucky.

Favorite tavernas:
Πυρί (Opta Pyri), beside the fountain in the square behind the OTE building. This place has great food of all kinds, but I especially like the κολοκυθοκεφτέδες (mashed fried zucchini in a patty). Reasonably priced.
Ούζου Μέλαθρον (Ouzoo Melathron), right off of Venizelou near Tsimiski. This place has a kitcshy, fun feel to it, although the menu might be a bit daunting for folks unfamiliar with Greek fare. Also, the names of some of the dishes might be considered offensive by some prudish, George Bush type people. Also reasonably priced, maybe a bit more expensive than your average taverna.

Favorite upscale non-traditional, German-Greek food:
Extrablatt, on Alex. Svolou. All types of sausages and meat dishes. A plethora of beer choices. Interesting artwork, nice atmosphere. A little pricier than most, expect to spend some money on your meal here, but it is well worth it.

Favorite gyros/souvlaki/"fast food":
The Best, Ag. Dimitriou 146, tel. 2310.200198 Their tzatziki is quite literally, the best.
15 Grill, tel. 2310.870093
Luigi, Strat. Kallari 1 & L. Nikis, tel. 2310.240096 This place has the best burgers in town, and an Arabic pita sandwich that is quite delicious.

Favorite "home" cooking:
ΜΕ ΝΟΥ, Egnatia 95, tel. 2310.287848 Moussaka, keftedes, pastitsio - all the good homemade foods.

Favorite pizza and pasta:
Preludio, Justinianus 24, tel. 2310.252046 Oh my god, their pizza is SO GOOD. Their crust, the sauce, everything. They must be a little bit Italian - or from New York. And at 5 to 7 euros a pizza (depending on size and toppings), you just can't beat the price.

Since we live in the center, we haven't had occasion to venture forth more in the city, but if new delicious places tempt our palates, I'll post more.

Καλή Όρεξη!


Anonymous said...

I'm a "George Bush type of person" but I'm no prude.

Emily said...

Plateia Athonos. η γονια του μερακλνσ. This is my favorite taverna in all of Greece. They have wonderful fried zucchini, lovely atmosphere, and the best free dessert. (Crepes with chocolate sauce and ice cream) Also, two men playing live music. I miss it. Oh, I miss it.

bryan-in-greece said...

Another place near Plateia Athonos that I'd highly recommend is TO ROPTRO (ΤΟ ΡΟΠΤΡΟ), which is at Papamarkou 28 (near the shop selling coatstands and chairs), telephone 2310-224221. It is run by Yiannis, who is an immensely affable and energetic chap, and his aunt cooks. The *-keftedes are out of this world (by *-keftedes that I mean ntomatokeftedes, patatokeftedes, kolokythokeftedes etc), he does a mean skoumbri (grilled salted mackerel) to wash down with your tsipouro, a wide variety of seafood and grilled meats, and if you visit in summer you sit out under a klimataria bedecked with tiny white flowers. In winter the inside is very cozy and on three levels, although whenever my girlfriend and I have been there in winter all the diners have been downstairs. For me it is THE place to eat at when we take a day trip down to Thessaloniki - beats the frenetic Ouzo Melathron hands down!!!


(BTW, There is a photo taken at the Roptro and more information about it in the January 2006 page of my blog at: )