Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And my wish is finally granted

Blade Runner will be rereleased in Region 2 DVD in October. I still have to wait a few months, but finally, I'll have a copy in my hot little hands.

Now, if only someone will release the second season of Twin Peaks, I won't bitch about DVD releases for a long, long time.


teacher dude said...

I have Bladerunner on DVD (region 2). If you want, I could make you a copy. It's got no extra though.

Just email me (the address is on my blog).

Anonymous said...

zardoz says:


a lot of memories there,,,

do have it,, had it shipped in
special ,,along with "man on fire".

TWIN PEAKS ,never got the taste for it
must be an appalachian thing.

melusina said...

Thanks teacher dude, but I need a legit copy of Blade Runner. I'm picky that way!

Zardoz, I could have gotten a Region 1 Blade Runner but it causes too much confusion for my sister-in-law. "Your DVD won't play in our DVD player!" Twin Peaks is an acquired taste, although I don't think it is necessarily appalachian. TP fans are rather widespread, in the deep south, most people didn't like it. Someday I might post an ode to TP, and it might change your mind. ;)