Monday, June 19, 2006

Good question

I really wish Greece had made it to the World Cup to defend their Euro 2004 title. Then maybe Portuguese fans wouldn't be mocking them like this.


Dixie said...

Well during the last World Cup it was Germany making fun of Holland for not making it to the Cup.

Every nation has to do its turn it seems.

sappho said...

I really miss watching Greece, too bad they didnt make it.

Jay3gsm said...

:-) If Greece *had* made it to the World Cup it wouldn't have been to defend their Euro 2004 title, it would have been to try and win the World Cup! :-)

It has to be said the Portuguese make a good point. No one likes boring defensive football. Maybe if Greece didn't play in such a manner they may well have qualified for the biggest football tournament in the world.

p.s. Greece will defend their title, assuming they qualify to do so, at the next European championships. These take place in Switzerland and Austria in 2008.

EllasDevil said...

Jay3gsm supports Italy... say no more. He's not shut up about Greece's victory since 2004.

It was two years ago man, get over it!!