Saturday, June 24, 2006

Finally, a team to root for

Now that the U.S. is out of the World Cup and I've had some time to watch a few games and decide which team I like the most, I have finally decided on a team to support, however short-lived that may be.

I realize that they defeated the U.S. because of what seemed to be a rather unfair foul call, but after watching the Ghanians play a couple of times I feel they have the spirit I am looking for in a team. They are an underdog, although they are well known in the African circuit. But these boys played their hearts out against the Czech Republic and again against the U.S. And it helps that Leanne's stories of life in Accra have endeared me to the Ghanian people.

Still, they are playing Brazil in their next match, which most betters would say means a certain loss for Ghana. Lose or not, the Ghanian team has my support. Here's hoping for a good show on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I'm sure I'll enjoy Germany vs. Sweden tomorrow.


Dixie said...

I am completely digging on Ghana too. They've played their hearts out and I'm glad to see how it's just thrilled the people of Ghana.

Anonymous said...

The USA team had their asses handed to them and left the World Cup like a Wet Fart!

Flubberwinkle said...

I haven't really been paying close attention to the World Cup or the national teams, but now that I learn that the US team was excluded I can breathe easier... not because I don't like the US team, I just had this ongoing nightmare that the US and Iran would go to the final... and I was uneasy.