Monday, July 17, 2006

Choosing sides

My last post regarding the conflicts between the Israelis and Palestinians, as with probably most posts out in the blogosphere, has met with various comments, people choosing sides, staking their claims, sharing their opinions.

At this point in time, I think it would be particularly difficult to choose a side. Both sides are irritating me to no end. For me, the choice is clear: I'm worried about Lebanon. I know all the arguments. Hezbollah are terrorists. The Lebanese allowed them to inhabit their country, and blah blah blah, and so on. But in the end, I highly doubt Hezbollah gives a rat's ass that Lebanon is getting torn about because of them. And I highly doubt that Israel gives a damn that they are destroying Lebanon to achieve their end.

Lebanon has gone to great lengths to rebuild itself since the 1991 Gulf War. Things were relatively back to normal for them, save a few issues with Syria and those sorts of things that cannot be avoided in such a nation. But now their country is getting torn apart again, but an unresolvable conflict between two nations that just don't care if they destroy the world with their petty squabbling. Yes, I said petty. I personally don't care who gets to live in Jerusalem. If I had my way, we'd evacuate everyone from the whole damn area and just level it, turn it into a pit. But of course, these Hatfields and McCoys would just keep on fighting.

I doubt that the Israeli or Palestinian people want this war to continue. I'm sure it is all planned, executed, and tended to by their governments. Sure, Israeli parents want their abducted children back, and Palestinian parents want their imprisoned children back. But the cost is proving too high, too many sons and daughters are being lost forever in the struggle.

So I don't take sides. I just hope the conflict can somehow, some way, be resolved, for the good of all.


Niko said...

Even though there is some irony in this comment, it's fitting:

Amen Melusina, Amen.

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