Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It is always better to think before you act

I hate mosquitos. Nashville had some annoying mosquitos, but they are much, MUCH more aggressive here in Greece, especially here in Thessaloniki. I never thought there could be so many mosquitos in a city center, but I guess our proximity to the water makes it possible.

Sunday night we decided to enjoy the World Cup at a coffee shop on Aristotelous Square. As the evening wore on, we were attacked by more and more mosquitos. One landed on the table in front of me, and without thinking about the fact that certainly she just finished sucking the lifeblood of some unsuspecting human nearby (possibly me or my husband), I shouted "DIE BITCH!!" and squashed her good and hard with my hand.

I looked at the puddle of blood on the table and the stains on my hand and my husband said "yea, you really shouldn't do that". At least I had my handy antibacterial wipes so I could clean up the mess.

Even so, I don't regret it. I got a great deal of pleasure knowing I struck that blood sucking vixen dead. Maybe some of her friends were watching, and will tell fellow mosquitos to stay the hell away from me.


sappho said...

Cute & funny post, Mel!
When I was in Greece I got bit-to-shit by mosquitos! I had to run down to the little corner store & buy repelent, which stunk! I used it anyway, because by the end of my stay in Mykonos, I about needed a blood transfusion!!

Alice in Austria said...

I sympathize! These vampires really love my blood as well, and I am horribly allergic to insect bites, they swell on to gigantic proportions. There is nothing I can do to keep them away (I tried every repellent in this world, even eating garlic, drinking special teas, you name it) - no use.

Alice (scratching yet another vicious bite)

traveller one said...

I haven't suffered from mosquito bited in years but last month in Turkey I was bitten all over and I had huge red welts which are still visible. I am worried I'll end up with scars!
BTW the vet just told me about some disease that dogs can get from mosquitoes which they can die from. Of course he managed to sell me an expensive collar to protect my doggy (all in Greek which I can't understand!)

melusina said...

Sappho, I know it must have been much, much worse on Mykonos. I didn't spend too much time outdoors on Kos and we had screens on our doors and windows there so thankfully, I didn't suffer much.

Alice, I would have thought the clean Austrian air would drive them away! The scourge of Europe, they must be.

Traveller One, was he talking about heartworms? I know that is a danger with dogs and mosquitos. If so, the collar is probably a good idea.