Monday, July 31, 2006

Greek Red Cross

The Greek Red Cross embarked on a new mission in Lebanon on Saturday, taking with them 4.6 tonnes of food, blankets, medicines, and basic necessities. The Greek Foreign Minister is calling on all Greeks to do what they can to aid with the humanitarian efforts in Lebanon.

If you want to contribute money to the Greek Red Cross for their mission in Lebanon, the bank numbers are:

  • Agricultural Bank: 017.04.005402.82
  • Alpha Bank: 101-00-2002-005560
  • Bank of Attica: 069/84298361
  • Citibank: 0506687357
  • Eurobank: 0026.0240.33.0200055949
All deposits should bear the name "Lebanon".

For further information, interested parties can contact the Public Relations Directorate on +30 210 362 1681 and +30 210 361 5606.

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