Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm voting NO, are you?

Let's show that Tennessee isn't willing to allow a constitutional ban on legal protections for same-sex marriages. Vote NO on November 7th. Marriage is love. Everyone should be able to share it. Same-sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Their love runs just as deep, when they lose their partner the grief is just as devastating. By keeping these couples from having the right to a legal union, we are saying their love just isn't good enough. We are keeping them from staying in hospital rooms with their sick partners. We are keeping them from legally making decisions about their partner's health. We are keeping them from having custodial rights to a child if one partner dies. We are keeping them from the happiness we all deserve.

Thanks to Brittney over at NIT for sharing the link.


Condaleeza is our Lady said...

Condaleeza Rice 2008. She's the best candidate and is a real smart lady. Now, don't be a player hater and say she's too close to Bush because I'll call ya a racist if you do!!!

Chez Bez said...

Thanks for sharing that. I'll take my NO vote to the polls.

Niko said...

Thanks for the support Melusina :-)

The SeaWitch said...

Great post Mel.The best line you wrote..."we are keeping them from the happiness we all deserve."

I can think of 1,000 better things to ban than two people who love each other.