Friday, July 14, 2006


The longer you know someone, the more you learn about their peculiar quirks and habits. Being married to someone makes this a lot easier, and my husband and I are no strangers to discovering one another's oddities. From my propensity to call people "bitch" and his vitriolic hatred of capri pants, we've learned to love each other despite these totally irrational, psychotic sides of ourselves.

My husband and I share an extreme dislike of most vegetables, so it was no surprise when we both turned up our noses at the broccoli and carrots that made their way onto my husband's plate when we ate out last night. As we enjoyed our meal despite the close proximity of the devil vegetables, I noticed my husband cutting the fat off his steak. Not so unusual, really, most of us don't like the fatty parts of our meat. But my husband was taking it one step further - he was cutting off little pieces of fat and burying them underneath the broccoli. By the time I realized this, there was a virtual minefield of tiny pieces of fat beneath the vegetables, and while I found this behavior giggle-worthy, my husband didn't seem to think there was anything odd about it at all. I can only imagine what the waitress/dishwasher/whoever must have thought when they started dumping the plate and saw all this fat emerge from the broccoli.

The thing is, with each peculiarity, no matter how peculiar, I've discovered that it only leads to loving my husband more. Thank goodness, because we have a lifetime of peculiarities ahead of us.


Dixie said...

That absolutely cracked me up! Buring the fat under the broccoli! Why didn't I ever try that?

Rush Limbo said...

People who don't eat vegetables can get cancer. Just do what I do and hold your nose while eating them.

Anonymous said...

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