Thursday, July 13, 2006

Maybe we should have paid more attention

I'm glad the U.S. has been so concerned about Iran and North Korea. So glad, in fact, that the Israeli/Palestinian battle had time to blow up in everyone's faces while everyone was working on what to do about the two evil axis empires and their need/desire to have nuclear weapons.

Honestly, the Isreali/Palestinian issue is one for which I have no real solution. Both lay claim to the same areas, both seem to hate each other with a passion, and both seem to not really care what kind of mess they leave behind. If you want to get down to brass tacks, I'd say the Israelis technically have more right to be there than the Palestinians, if you want to go by ancient history. But I don't think that works for the Palestinians, who apparently gave up their right to a nice chunk o' country after WWII because, by Allah, they want Jerusalem, or a piece of it, at least.

The Greeks are obviously quite worried about the whole situation down there, and have a plane ready to go if the need to extract Greeks and other Europeans from the area arises. A government spokesman said "Unless the prevailing uncontrollable situation is tamed, it may lead to a wider flare-up in the Middle East", which basically means "watch your shit, if nukes start going off and the wind is blowing the wrong way, that fallout is going to land over here".

Somebody better start bombing the area with Alice B. Toklas brownies, or something.


Ah-Ah-Ah-Jew said...

At least the Israelis you can respect. If someone fucks with them, they take action. They don't pussyfoot around like America does with diplomacy..

Long Live Israel!

Flubberwinkle said...

I'd like to order an extra large aforementioned brownie to aforementioned commentator.
Then we can talk about all the colors in the rainbow...

Jay3gsm said...

Long live Israel? You are proud of a nation who bomb the hell out of neighbouring countries for no genuine good reason? No one had declared war on Israel and the Israel reaction is so over the top. Rather than being proud of their action you should be ashamed. Ashamed to associate yourself with such murdering actions. Why no one is standing up to Israel is beyond belief. They are killing innocent people, acting like a big bully boy.

I know that Israel suffer from terrorist actions, and I condemn that just as strongly. But Israel is in the wrong here, their reaction to the kidnapping of three soldiers is not justified. Israel need to be brought to account by the rest of the world for its actions. We can't and we shouldn't just stand by, shrug our shoulders and let them get away with it. The world is disintegrating into many dangerous factions and it will only take Iran to help out the countries under attack for this thing to kick off, big time.

You can imagine cowboy George and his gung ho buddies riding in then, followed by the rest of his gang, too stupid to see the results of their actions. Is it any wonder the Arabic countries hate america when "American democracy" is used as an excuse to invade them, but not to help them? America don't want to give the world democracy (and I would be none to happy to have American civilisation and culture enforced on me as well) America want to be the boys in control.

This is a grave situation and unless diplomatic means are used, and quickly, we are all in for a hard time. Just wait til the fuel price edges up even more. Lack of fuel will impact on evey single persons life. No transport, deliveries, so no food, no power so no clean water, no electric commodities, no net, no blogs, nothing. Without fuel everything will change. And if this conflict is allowed to escalate then that is the direction we will be heading in. The leaders have messed things up, it is up to the world population to stand up and do the right thing.

Rush Limbo said...


America is in charge. Don't forget that.

Anonymous said...


yeah rush limbo america, is in charge

remember that when the explosion

happens and you begin to vaporize

into oblivion ,

Because people being stepped

on so

america can be in charge,,,,,

are getting very pissed ,,

and having nothing to lose anymore ,

AND they start strapping

nuclear weapons and exploding

them while walking thru

cincinnatti or cleveland and so on

so please ,,, bring america

and all of humanity to an end

and die being very sure .....



question mr nonliberal:

what happened at SHAMBRA AND SHATILA?

why were u.s. marines killed in beirut?

america was in charge ?

sappho said...

I'd have to agree with Jay3gsm & Zardoz.
Although I dont agree with suicide bombers,etc....Israel overreacted & while Palestine is using dinky rockets & rocks, literally, Israel is bombing them into oblivion.
Bush/Israel will lead us all into WW3.

Ben Gurion Associate said...

Since the US manifesto is not allowing terrorists to succeed, the US is certainly reluctant at this time to criticize Israel as it faces terrorist attacks from Hezbollah.

Additionally, U.S. officials realize American influence with Israel over its military operations is limited.

Let's hope that rogue nations such as Syria and Iran don't attempt to help Hezbollah and really make this matter worse.

It's unfortunate that Israel is pushed to this degree that they have to defend themselves time and time again.

Ben Gurion Associate said...

Further, this problem could have been prevented about 6 years ago, when UN Resolution 1559 was tabled. If Lebanon had disarmed Hezbollah as mentioned in UN 1559, we would not be where we are today.

Don't forget that Israel had their border incurred by Hezbollah and they killed 1 soldiers and kidnapped 2 of them. Further, Hezbollah is indiscriminately attacking civilians in Israel with the 220 rockets they have fired in the last few days. Israeli targets are of a military nature. In fact, if they wanted to destroy the Beirut airport, they could have easily done it. But, they showed restraint and only disabled the runways.

Israel is God's chosen land. One only needs to read the Bible to see this.

Jay3gsm said...

Israel is NOT God's chosen land, Israel are God's chosen children. And what people call Israel today is NOT the Israel of God. Everyone brings God's name into a war, but why? God is not a God of war. Don't make the same mistake others do. Don't just read the Bible and quote verse for verse. Read it. Live it. Believe it. Teach it. Practice it.

sappho said...

"Israel is Gods chosen land"
So what, the rest of the world & the Middle East is the devils???
I find it disgusting that someone or something that claims to be so religious & worthy of God are so willing to participate in the killing of innocent children.
All for religion??
One more reason to end religion all together. It has been a thorn in the side of the world for centuries, causing more wars than any other reason.
Israel=Get off your high horse!

Ah Ah Ah Ah Jew said...

I may ask you then Saphho. What would you do if your child was bullied at school. Just ignore it? Or teach your child self-defensive skills so they could protect themselves against the bully.

Jews have been bullied since Christ was a Corporal. America has empowered them with the self-defense methods to protect themselves.

Why doesn't anyone condemn the terrorists and their penchant for killing innocent children. At least Israel does not go after civilians on purpose like the Terrorists do. Unfortunately, as we see from non biased news sources (BBC, CNN etc), Hezbollah places their anti-aircraft and other weapons right in the middle of highly populated civilian areas. How about this? Is this something you support?

I say God-speed if the Jews (Israel) can get rid of the Hezbollah terrorists.

John Valentine said...

Who bombed the King David Hotel? Who says by way of deception thou shalt do war? Who speaks with a forked licker? The serpent from the tree of wisdom was the one who demanded the crucifiction of Christ. Et tu? Ah Ah Ah Ah Juden?

Aw Aw Aw Aw Aw JEWWWW said...

In the end days, brother will turn against brother. The anti-christ will attempt to turn the CNN against the Al Jazeera and in the end, the Jews will still be the chosen peeps.

John Valentine said...

Funny thing about that whole God's Chosen People thing... Having been raised by the cult of the Southern Baptist, I had to read to Bible all the way through. It seems to me there has never been any real benefit to being the chosen people of IHVH. From Adam all the way till this very moment God has been nothing but a dick to his chosen people. I'd just as soon not be chosen by the twisted bastard but that's just me.

Sort of like, with a God like this who needs Satan, kind of thing. Considering the high intelligence of the Jewish people I don't understand why they don't demand a better deal from the old one. I mean, come on, Isreal is the promise land?!?!? I'd just as soon have a nice place in East Kentucky where the Earth is green and there are no Arab kids throwing rocks at my tractor.