Saturday, July 08, 2006

New words for a new world

It is that time again - when Merriam-Webster publishes the latest edition of their collegiate dictionary. And a new edition means new words - about a hundred this year - and new words means slang these days, apparently.

According to an article on, some of the new words that made the latest edition are:
google, drama queen, empty suit, himbo, bling, unibrow, soul patch, and biodiesel. With over a half million words in the English language, I guess we have hit our peak. There is nothing left now but to ride the crest downwards, as it slowly takes us back to shore.

Personally, I'd like to see new words that actually mean something. While I appreciate the influx of new words that are related to international, common culture (like the use of google as a verb), I'd still like to see a few more interesting words enter the lexicon - words that aren't just brand names or slang. Words like bumbalingus - a term my husband and I invented for an instant itch that must be scratched at all costs. Why aren't dictionaries adding words like that?

I guess for now, I should stop being such a drama queen and google a few sites that might have some clever new words. But someday, the English language will ride that wave again.

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