Monday, July 24, 2006

It's a different culture

I really enjoy watching the Greek version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? I never really watched it much in the U.S., I've long since passed my "game show" phase. But the Greek version is entertaining for a couple of reasons: one, I get to practice my Greek and learn new words and two, it reminds me that Greeks have a whole different cultural/entertainment background than Americans. This is made evident by obscure questions about body parts missing on well known Greek statues, ingredients in Greek recipes, and works of modern Greek writers, filmmakers, and artists. A lot of the questions about ancient Greek history I can answer, at least.

Still, it gives me pause when a player who is knocking out questions left and right gets stuck on a question like "where are the Oscars awarded?" The choices were Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and New York, and the guy was stumped. He had to use his phone call, luckily, his mother knew the answer.

Yes, Greeks couldn't care less about the American entertainment business, and most of them get blindsided by questions about American movies. I guess that is why they put those questions in there. It seems a bit unfair to me, but yea, life isn't fair. Especially game shows.


Dixie said...

I feel the same about the German version of that show. I always say that if I could get on that show I'd end up using all my jokers somewhere before the 500 euro question but after that I probably wouldn't need them as much.

I just don't know the words to well known German folk songs but if you want to know the names of Abraham Lincoln's vice presidents, I'm your gal.

Flubberwinkle said...

Uncanny... I was thinking about blogging about the same subject tonight.

I had the TV on the same show and was in the kitchen when I heard that this player needed help for this particular question. My jaw dropped open and I ran near the set as if I hadn't heard correctly. I mean... it's the Oscars people. The Oscars. Hollywood. No matter how disconnected you are from commercial art or don't like american films, you must have stumbled across a newspaper article or heard something from the news. It's not like they asked what city in England the BAFTA awards take place. Sheesh.

EllasDevil said...

I like this show too, I'm not sure if I prefer Theodoris Atheridis as the host though, I think Spyros Papadopoulos was better.

While we're on te subject of TV shows, do you guys watch Deal on ANT1? Jeez... that show has me absolutely hooked.

I know there's no real skill involved but you need nerves of steel.

melusina said...

I'm glad that Germany has a current version of the show too. The cultural component is what makes the show so interesting. If only I knew more languages.

Flubberwinkle, I'm glad to know that at least some Greeks would think this is well known info. Still, I always feel like I have to remember that Greeks don't know the same things Americans do.
And you mean BAFT-ers, right? Lol. Crazy Brits.

EllasDevil, my husband and I watched Deal last night, to see what everyone is talking about. We didn't like it so much, too much chatting, not enough action. My husband and I are straight up question and answer types when it comes to game shows. I can see how it could get interesting, though.