Thursday, December 15, 2005

Boys to Men

I don't know about you, but growing up I was a little prince. I suppose I was assigned a few menial tasks here and there (take out the trash, go to the store), but the arrival of younger siblings solved all that. I was never required (nor did I show much inclination to learn how) to change lightbulbs, screw things together (although I could screw them up very well), put up pictures or lights, check the car, use power tools.

Dad was there for all that. The Dad. This omnipotent, towering figure of our childhood; close to us, loving, cheerful, tangible and yet also a demi-god, residing in the heavens whence also came all answers to our problems. Dish washer out of whack? Dad knew how to fix it. Stereo wouldn't start up? At least he'd tinker with it before calling it quits and buying a new one. Plugs, lights, fixtures, bicycles (oh! how he could fix those flat tyres, as if magically) Dad was there. And keep in mind my dad is a cardiologist, not a handyman, farmer or mechanic.

Imagine my astonishment (and secret pride) when I found out that I, the prince, was slowly turning into Dad. I found out that for all my clumsiness, I could after all change a lightbulb. Put up a picture. I discovered aghast, that I could use basic power tools without losing a toe. I could repair some defunct appliances, put furniture together and take it apart - and fix broken things.

Most of all, imagine my surprise when it dawned on me that my dad and probably The Dad everywhere, probably did not know how work all these miracles at birth. He probably learnt by trial and error, the hard way, just like I am now.

Appreciate your fathers and love them, for behind their countenance, whether it be stern or cheerful, serious or goofy, perfect or flawed, hides a giant. A giant that conquers all adversity - or at least attempts to - just for you.


melusina said...

All this because I made him install the insulating tape on our doors and windows this afternoon. =p

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with everything you say Thanos although I'm quite lucky, I'm still in the 'prince' stage. If you'd listen to my parents talk, you'd think they still had a child. I'll point out now that I am twenty five.

A good example of this, myself and my 32 year old came to my house a few days ago and my parents were in the middle of eating. After finishing, my dad asked my mom "what shall we make for the children to eat?". It used to irritate me in my teenage years, now it makes me smile.

I look at my dad and am thankful for everything he's done (and still does) for me.

The only thing my dad has never been able to do is electronics, I (from a young age) had to be the one who tuned in the tv and vcr. I'm the one who programmed his numbers into his cell, who showed him how to actually read more than the first four lines of a sms before deleting it.

I remember last year after he suffered a heart attack, while on the road to recovery, he was in his bed on the intensive care unit and somehow me managed to mess up the wires connected to him so my mom said "shall I call the nurse?" and he said "oxi agapi mou, Niko will be coming soon and he can fix it". I laughed out loud when he told me as I had to explain "I'm pretty good wiring up stereos, VCR's, DVD's and TV's but I'm not so talented in wiring up hospital heart monitors and I'm not going to practise with you".

I've often said to myself, if I become even half the dad to my kids that my father was to me. I'll be happy. He's great.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to say!!

Congradulations on still having all your toes!!

The SeaWitch said...

What a wonderful post Thanos! My Dad's going to get a phone call from me tonight because of it. :-)

(For Mel's eyes only. LOL)
Mel...inspiration from insulation tape? Get him to rewire your house and he'll probably end up writing a Pulitzer Prize winning blog next.

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