Monday, December 05, 2005

Holiday cheer

I spent all day bleeding my fingers to the bone writing out Christmas cards. I remember there used to be a day when I could sit and write longhand all day without it bothering me. Now after the fourth card I felt like my fingers were turning to craggly, broken stumps that had been picked clean by my cats.

The sad thing is I actually can't send all these people emails. My great aunts don't use computers. And I figure every once in awhile I should send a real piece of mail to my friends and family. At a staggering cost, apparently.


adfjkaj said...


Depending on the number of cards you are sending, maybe it's cheaper to put them all in one envelope and send to your parents, and have your parents place one US .37 cent stamp on each envelope and mail them from the states. Greek letter mail to the states is about double. It may be cheaper. That's what I did and we sent about 100 cards last year and saved money.

Now, of course, you have to have a cool mom (or retired) to place all those stamps on the envelopes.

Alice in Austria said...

I know what you mean, I feel the same way! I used to be such a good letter writer once (with REAL ink and paper!) but now it's been reduced to quick SMSes, emails and chats. Kind of sad! So I think writing a real card in longhand at Christmas is something quite special - both to receive and to write & send out!

The SeaWitch said...

I admire your stamina Mel. I haven't written a Christmas card in years and I don't plan on doing so any time soon. My 70 year old father has a computer and he gets e-cards as well. If anyone complains to me about it, I tell them to send me their email addresses since I don't 'do' street addresses anymore. LOL

I can't write well anymore either since I'm forever writing with half Greek characters and half Latin characters so it's a mess anyway.

Cynthia Rae said...

You wrote out Christmas cards already? Now you just making the rest of look bad Mel! I was happy that I BOUGHT my cards this past weekend...

Lucky for you that the moives in Greece are not dubbed. EVERYTHING in Italy (including most of the tv shows) are ALL dubbed. The only thing that saves me is my SKY tv which allows me to switch SOME of the shows back into english.

Went and saw "Chicken Little" last night. It was cute, but I really need to see it in English!

Buon Natle!

melusina said...

Oh, my parents would do it Scruffy, but I don't send out enough Christmas cards to do that. Certainly not 100. Hell, I don't even LIKE that many people. =p

Well, I typically don't send cards or letters the rest of the year, except to my three old great aunts. They each get birthday cards, even if they end up a couple of weeks late. But at Christmas I always try to send cards to my closest friends and family, instead of the crappy half-dismissive emails they get here and there. My writing has gotten really horrible, not that it was ever good to start with, but it is amazing how weird it is when you don't do it much except for making lists and whatnot.

Cyn, I saw a preview for Chicken Little that looked so cute. For dubbing, besides the fact that it sucks (although Germany has done what they can to perfect the art), I always feel cheated out of the original actors.

And, I had to get the Christmas cards done yesterday because my husband was running errands this morning, which included a trip to the post office to pick up some packages, so I figured might as well. =p Otherwise, trust me, I wouldn't have done it this early.