Saturday, December 03, 2005

Yea, so?

The grocery store is right across the street from our apartment building, and because it is so close, when I am in a hurry to just get a couple of things, I typically throw on my sandals instead of proper footwear because, well, it's easier.

Our normal checkout lady looked at my feet, and with a scolding tone said "in this weather?"

Yea, well, "this weather" is nothing like some of the winter weather I've experienced in Nashville - weather where I wore sandals and often did not wear a jacket, but just a sweater. Still, people here act like I am committing a capital crime if I leave the house on a 60° wearing sandals.



adfjkaj said...


Amen sister! I've worn shorts before in this weather (cold evening) and got the same comments.

I told them that in Calif, we wear shorts all year round regardless of the weather. My "bakaliko" (mini-market) lady says "You Californians must get a lot of colds".

I'm used to it by now, but don't sweat it, they'll get used to you also and it won't be a big deal anymore.

I always got a kick out of my wife putting on full makeup just to take out the garbage. Now, that was cute....

melusina said...

I actually don't wear makeup anymore. I hate how it makes my skin feel. The last time I wore makeup was for my brother-in-law's wedding last year, and that was because my mother-in-law had hired a woman to do it for all of us and I felt bad not accepting.

Yea, I guess Greeks think some of my behaviors are crazy. And I think some of their behaviors are crazy. So we're even.

adfjkaj said...


Sorry for double posting, I should have posted this here instead.

My wife won't leave the house without full makeup, and immaculate attire. She's definitely a DOLL when she goes out. But, since I'm definitely a "Scruffy looking American" we clash sometimes as I want to go "extreme casual" and she wants to go "Academy Award".

It's funny to hear my mother-in-law tell me "Oh, you can't go out looking like that, what will the neighbors think?". I told her that when the "Neighbors" start paying my bills, then I'll allow them to set my grooming standards, and dress code.

The SeaWitch said...

Mel, go to the store in your slippers and if she makes another comment tell her that you and your slippers will hoof it to a slipper-friendly store and spend your money.

I don't care if someone comes in my store dressed in a towel as long as he pays for what he buys. We regularly have people come into the stores dressed in pyjamas and slippers or construction workers covered in concrete dust or car mechanics wearing WD40 like it's cologne. They all pay and I'm happy they chose to buy from us and not the competition down the street.