Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day

Today also happens to be World AIDS Day. I was happy to see that the majority of Greek networks had the red ribbon displayed on their call signs. Unfortunately, in Greece, the number of AIDS cases has been steadily rising, and a particularly aggressive strain of the disease has been discovered here. The number of overall AIDS cases in Greece has risen by 10% in the past year, with women making up 18% of AIDS patients. Over 1400 Greeks have died of the disease since 1981.

Meanwhile, a survey of 350 AIDS sufferers in Greece found that almost a fifth of them were deserted by friends and relatives when they fell ill. Almost nine in 10 said they wanted to work but a third of respondents said they could not find any jobs.

A sad reality. World knowledge has to change for the better.


Anonymous said...

we went to the moon & sent people there,and wonder,why we can't discover medicines and cure about curses/diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer?:(:(:(

Eff said...

Because human ingenuity is not limitless, and because the sciences are different. Or it's because of a conspiracy.

Eff said...

Odd? This thing asked for my name and webpage. I put the webpae in but it hasn't shown up. Now the request for both is gone.