Friday, December 02, 2005

I should just go back to bed

I'm not having a good day.

For one thing, my husband is off on another shift tonight, and I miss him because I had terrible dreams all night thanks to reading The Stand before bed. And then I had to wake up to a dream of finding a store that had giant buckets of ice cream - all the well known American brands and flavors. How pathetic.

For another, I was all ready to make Mausi's Luscious Lemon Bars recipe when I discovered we have no baking powder. I've been to the damn store every day this week and I am too embarrassed to go yet again, lest the cashier, who knows us by now, thinks that Americans are very forgetful people. I suppose that is one of the problems of having a grocery store right across the street - you get careless about grocery lists and end up forgetting things you would remember if you had to schlep halfway across town to get to the store. So the lemon bars will have to wait until tomorrow.

AND, I was going to update with a few more blog links and for some reason when I add new ones it totally messes up the whole template. Is this the universe's way of saying I read too many blogs?


adfjkaj said...

It seems that every weekend you are home alone why the doctor is away, and I end up babysitting my little daughter.

What else can we do but read blogs. It's much better than watching Greek TV!

If only I can get the American Military network satellite! A friend of mine has that and gets all the military channels (boring!) but he also gets NBC, ABC, CBS and corresponding new TV shows that go with it. All for free except the initial decoder. But, alas, it's only for US government employees so I'm stuck either with Greek TV or reading blogs such as you do. Of course there is always NOVA, but my wife only allows one splurge per member and my splurge is the internet.

Anonymous said...


How can you complain about Greek TV Scruffy? We get most of the American shows, new and old and thankfully Greece isn't a country that insists on dubbing programs into Greek so you can enjoy the original soundtrack.

Although you don't have Nova? You know it IS the future!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Mel,

I think the problem with the template is that some of your images are too wide. The weather one for example...

adfjkaj said...

Ellas Dev: Yeah, the American shows on Star and Macedonia are ok. But, there are not enough of them to keep me interested.

Greek TV rules mainly these days.

But, I enjoy listening in English instead of dubbing.

GREEK COMPLIMENT AHEAD: That's one reason why the Greeks speak such good English. They get free practice listening to our American actors.

melusina said...

Hmm, I wouldn't accept having to make a choice between Nova OR internet. It HAS to be both! I am glad my husband and I share the same hobbies (internet, movies, TV, books). I am also glad I don't give a rat's ass about fashion so I don't waste all my money on clothes and makeup.

Ellas, the template looks fine on my screen (and my husbands) unless I start to mess with it. I wonder why it doesn't look right for other people.

adfjkaj said...


My wife won't leave the house without full makeup, and immaculate attire. She's definitely a DOLL when she goes out. But, since I'm definitely a "Scruffy looking American" we clash sometimes as I want to go "extreme casual" and she wants to go "Academy Award".

It's funny to hear my mother-in-law tell me "Oh, you can't go out looking like that, what will the neighbors think?". I told her that when the "Neighbors" start paying my bills, then I'll allow them to set my grooming standards, and dress code.