Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

The ever eloquent and charming and not at all offputting head of the Church of Greece Archbishop Christodoulos made yet another politically correct statement in regards to Israel. Christodoulos, who has in the past stated that Americans deserved what happened to them in 9/11 and lambasted homosexuals, said that

“We are headed for Israel, or hell, in other words,” said Christodoulos, speaking at the Aghios Spyridon Church in Athens. “We see that the forces of darkness are undermining this country and are trying to remove Christianity from Greece and create a new order in our society so that in a few years nobody remembers God or the Church.”

The Israeli Embassy called the choice of words "unfortunate" and felt assured that the Archbishop wasn't intentionally dissing Israel.

The Church of Greece has been whining a lot of late about reforms that would mark the true separation of church and state in Greece. God forbid that the country that founded democracy manages to separate its government from the church. For now the ties seem tightly bound, however, as a controversial cremation amendment (cremation is a great big dilly no no in the Greek Orthodox Church) found itself rather quickly buried for the time being.

Gimme one of those damn hats and maybe I'll give the Church better press.


The SeaWitch said...

Great minds think alike...
(and fools seldom differ).

I just posted the same quote (minus the "Israel" part on my blog about an hour before you did. I wanted to put it in but I needed to do another blog on it. So now I don't have to since you took the words out of my mouth. Pay rent or get outta my head girl! LOL

melusina said...

Lol, that figures. We are both Libras, we both like Abba, come on! Maybe we were separated at birth.

Every time this dude opens his mouth I want to say something about it, and this time I was in a snarky enough mood to do it.

adfjkaj said...

Well, I always say, "Never trust a man with a beard who wears a dress".

But, seriously, as I've been told even some of our wacky protestant (Pat Robertson types) preachers sometimes misspeak. But, as I tried to explain, the Greek priests are on the official Greek government payrolls, whereas Pat Robertson is not.

The SeaWitch said...

I think I believe you Mel. My twin sister always told me that we were originally triplets but she absorbed the third embryo which is why she claims she's twice as smart as I am. I always thought she was lying just to scare me when I was little...now I'm not so sure. LOLOL