Monday, September 12, 2005


Ok, I admit it. Ever since I moved to Greece, and started seeing all these Greek Orthodox priests running around, I have had an insane compulsion to steal one of their hats. Not that I think I would look particularly good in one of these hats (I might), just that there is something about this particular priest hat that tickles my fancy. I want one badly - and somehow going into a uniform shop and buying one just wouldn't be as satisfying. I want a genuine, blessed, worn by a priest hat.

Once, we were on a train travelling from Athens to Thessaloniki (or vice versa) and there was a priest sitting in front of us. I'll be damned if he didn't get up to go somewhere else on the train (I won't make assumptions about bathroom habits or food habits) leaving his hat behind! There it was, unfettered, just waiting for me to take it. My husband knew I wanted to take it, I think perhaps he was even afraid I might actually reach over and grab it. But I am not sure I wanted a train full of Orthodox worshippers (including my husband) to tackle me and berate me for taking a priest's hat.

Every time I see a priest, I covet his hat. I stare at them, amiably, they probably think I am just paying due respect to a priest. Nope, just like your hat. Really want your hat. Must have the hat. Wonder how long before I get absolution for tackling a priest on the street and taking his hat?

I'd say probably never, and I'd probably also win a one-way ticket back to Nashville. But damn, at least I would have gotten my hands on the hat!


Nicole said...

oh my god this is funny. I may need to steal this from you for a story.

Linguist-in-Waiting said...

I wonder what would happen if you actually snatch that hat?


melusina said...

Who knows. My compulsion may get the better of me someday, and then we'll find out. ;)

Feel free to use it if you want, Nicole. =)

BallAndDust said...


I know what would happen, tha fas eklestiatiko ksilo! ;)


melusina said...

Haha Kosta. I suspect you are right. =p