Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Humidity follows me around like a lonely puppy

For some reason, I can't manage to find a climate that lacks in severe humidity at some point in the year. Well, we all know Nashville is teh sux* when it comes to high humidity in the summer, go a bit farther north and it gets even worse. Athens wasn't too bad, really, but it had its moments. I thought I was home-free on the island of Kos, the summer was dry, hot, and pleasant. But whoa, hold your horses on the hella humid winter! What the hell is that about? If there is any way to make cold temperatures infinitely more unpleasant it is to add high humidity to the mix.

Northern Greece is notorious, like Nashville, for humidity. Mt. Olympus was pretty unpleasant in the summer. Thessaloniki is even worse. But the real problem with Thessaloniki is the humidity strikes in the nighttime. Sure, yes, who is to complain about low humidity on a 90° summer day? But the fall of darkness is supposed to be a haven, an escape from uncomfortable temperatures. I mean, during the day, if it is 90° you are going to be hot no matter what. But at night? Please. Imagine this scenario: You go out for an evening coffee. It is still daylight out, but the sun is setting. The temperature is pleasant, perhaps even a bit chilly with a nice breeze. After awhile you start to notice an uncomfortable wetness spreading all over your body. Your clothes start sticking to you. The sun has set - what is going on? The humidity has shot up 50% in less than an hour! Forget about sleeping with the windows open, if you don't have air conditioning in this city you will suffer every summer night. Even a draught doesn't help.

It is perhaps a type of fate that leads me to these places. From one city with a parthenon to another. One place with humidity to another. Hell, Athens and Nashville are practically on the same latitude line (Athens is 37° 58' N and Nashville is 36° 7' N). I moved to almost the same damn place, just halfway around the world. This could just lead me to some sort of ontological crisis, if I let it.

I am definitely ready for fall. I will miss the Mt. Olympus autumn, it was pleasant, temperate, and scenic, although without the bonus of changing leaves. The foliage here doesn't tend to change color. I am not sure what to expect for a Thessaloniki autumn. I've heard it is nice - as long as it isn't humid at night.

*sorry, but this internet slang just seems really appropriate for Nashville humidity

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