Sunday, September 18, 2005

Let's not forget Judith Miller

Thanks to Sharon Cobb for posting this.

Judith Miller is now in her 11th week in prison because she wouldn't reveal a confidential source. There have been a lot of events to draw attention away from this whole issue, but we shouldn't forget. Where have all our rights gone? What about the rights of the press to protect a confidential source?

As the Bill of Rights is slowly chipped away (I don't remember ever seeing an asterisk denoting that terms and conditions were subject to change...) I have to wonder what will be next. Right to privacy is shot thanks to the Patriot Act. If the gummint thinks you are a terrorist, you can be held without charges indefinitely. If you were in New Orleans, you couldn't have a gun.

Are Americans really willing to let these things go in the name of safety? Does it really, in the end, protect us?

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