Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Greece in World Cup 2006?

Well, it seems there is still some hope. After (barely) winning a qualifying match against Kazakhstan today, there is still a possibility that Greece will make it to the World Cup. Greece is going to have to play some kick ass soccer in their next match if they are going to make it.

I suppose I won't be holding my breath. But it would be nice to see the Euro 2004 champions make it to the World Cup. Otherwise, it will make their European championship win look like a fluke.


Shot Baker said...

Sense when did you become the big sports fan?? Is "T" a soccer fan?

melusina said...

Well, I don't get any baseball here, I need something exciting now and then! But not the way the Greek team has been playing, thats for sure. I watched the Euro2004 Cup last year and got sucked in a little. But unless both teams are really good and playing well, it isn't that exciting a game.

T only likes the Cup play, he doesn't watch seasonal soccer.

Thanos said...

I watch sports every 2 years for a month. The Euro and the World Cup.

"T" =)

Shot Baker said...

I hear ya! I like to watch NASCAR racing but I only seem to be able to keep up with it about every other year.