Thursday, September 15, 2005

ALA "Adopt a Library" Program

Props to Library Bitch for spreading this news, thought I'd spread it a little bit further.

While cleanup efforts begin in Louisiana and Mississippi, the American Library Association (ALA) continues its mission to lend support to devastated libraries in the Gulf Coast region. The ALA's Chapter Relations Office has established an "Adopt a Library" program to provide assistance to libraries damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

The program will provide an opportunity for U.S. libraries of all types to adopt a library in the Gulf Coast. The ALA will collect information from libraries that need assistance, and will connect those libraries with others that can provide relief. Contributing libraries are asked to lend support in the way of books, computers, fundraising and volunteers.

Libraries interested in adopting a library may visit ALA's Chapter Relations Office Web site at and complete a participation form.

Right on! Let's get these libraries back up to speed! For the rest of the information, click here.


Shot Baker said...

You know, when ever I see news footage of refugees of the New Orleans flood, I think to myself, "I bet those folks spend a lot of time reading."

melusina said...

That's real mature!

Shot Baker said...

Hey I call em like I see em.