Friday, September 16, 2005

Web searches are fun!

Wow, getting a lot of hits today of people looking up "Renee+Zellweger+Kenny+Chesney+fraud". Guess people are trying to figure out what the fraud was. How about their marriage?

I also get a ton of searchs for "mels diner TV show". I've answered this before, maybe I should make a perma-link to the side. The show was Alice, not Mel's Diner. The diner IN the show was Mel's Diner. On a related note, I also get searches looking for "diner curtains" on a semi-daily basis.

I have gotten more of those "vagena" searches. Maybe it isn't that these people are misspelling vagina. Maybe it is some sort of vegetable found in the Middle East.

I really don't understand the searches that are for my entire URL. Ok, if you are looking up, why don't you just come directly to the site?

Once I got a hit from a search for "autoerotic asphyxiation". My apologies to that person, on both counts.

"Ashes+sent+into+space+Carl+Sagan" is my favorite search hit lately. Although I don't recall mentioning Carl Sagan on the blog. Well, now I have!

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Shot Baker said...

Well eat my grits!
P.S. said vagina.