Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Strange days

They have started reruns of America's Funniest Home Videos, and guess what? Bob Saget does not get funnier with time.

My cats seem to be going through some sort of mid-life crisis. They have taken to only sleeping about 50% of the time (as opposed to 90% of the time) and they chase each other through the apartment like maniacs on crack several times a day. Now this does provide us with no end of amusement, especially since we don't have carpet. Watching a 20lb cat trying to round a corner at breakneck speeds is a hoot. Inertia+fat ass+wood floor+turning=fat ass slamming into wall. Poor thing, he just picks right back up and sets off running the other direction. Still, these cats are almost 10 years old. What is up with this behavior?

These pre-autumn days have made our weather quite capricious. From hot and achingly humid, to cool and rainy, then back again. Yesterday I went out to the store. I hadn't looked out the window for about 10 minutes prior to heading downstairs, and when I was waiting in the elevator the hallway was nearly pitch black despite the window in the stairwell and the fact that it was supposed to still be daylight out. I heard this insane whooshing noise which I at first worried was coming from the elevator. When I got downstairs, and went outside, I was temporarily confused. It was completely dark outside, and the wind was sweeping up debris (read: trash) with near tornadic force. I double checked the time, wondering if maybe it was getting dark this early these days, but knew it was impossible. Then I looked at the sky and realized a storm was brewing, and brewing quickly. It had been a long time since I'd experienced this sort of weather disruption - it was relatively common in Nashville, but here you don't often get that ominous tone before a storm, where the sky is blackened by the coming clouds and the wind is stirring frantically, waiting for the clouds to release. I took a minute to take it all in, and then proceeded to the store. I was disappointed, briefly, by the fact that I hadn't made it outside just before the darkness fell, when the world is so still and quiet it is as if time has halted for a moment, before all hell breaks loose.

My husband has been snoring to beat the band these last few days, even sleeping on his side doesn't seem to help. To get an idea of how loud his snoring is: the other day he was napping, and I had to vacuum. His snoring actually drowned out the din of the vacuum. That is some LOUD snoring!

Last night, we had the windows opened up because (for once) it was relatively cool out. We closed the bedroom window when we got into bed so we could read some Harry Potter. Well, one of the neighbors yelled at us from his window, asking us to keep it down! You can hear so well through the damn window? Christ! Now I'm all freaked out about what people can hear.

Strange days indeed.


Shot Baker said...

I don't know about the guy yelling at you for being loud but maybe the storm was following you because your a bad person.....just a thought?

Gia-Gina said...

I just found your blog and I am very glad to have so many new links to ex-pats all over the world. You're right, Sagat does not get any funnier with time. Can you get Oprah over there?

Gia-Gina said...

P.S. My sister lives in Brentwood, TN with her hubby and they used to live in Murfreesborough, I had my first taste of grits at the Cracker Barrel, and ended up with butter, tabasco and soy sauce in it.

melusina said...

Shot Baker, maybe the storm was following me around because I'm friends with you...

Hi gia-gina, glad to see you here! No, we don't get Oprah, or any U.S. talk show like that, for some reason.

I am not terribly fond of grits myself unless they are smothered with cheese. Brentwood is a nice place!