Friday, December 02, 2005

Why, oh why?

I suppose I hadn't run into this situation much because I lived landlocked for so long.

Yesterday was a warm enough day to crack the doors and windows for a bit. It just so happened that the time I had the doors and windows open, one of my neighbors cooked fish. Stinking, smelly, permeating fish smells are STILL in my apartment today.

I happen to not like fish. I don't like the taste and I really don't like the smell. I enjoy shrimp and scallops, but the fish cognoscenti out there tell me that shrimp and scallops are NOT fish. Whatever. There happens to be a fresh fish market next door to our apartment building, and so the families around us have fish on a regular basis. Yes, I understand a lot of people out there like fish. I know that fish is a heart smart food. I could probably tolerate it a lot better if it wasn't for the smell, which makes me nauseous.

These days it seems I can't open the windows and doors without either smelling fish or cigarettes. There are some days that someone is cooking something that smells wonderful, which is pleasant but I end up drooling into my lap. It is especially fun when the smell of marijuana wafts in from somewhere. Dude, you know, light an incense or something! The whole neighborhood can smell it!

I don't know what it was about where I lived in Nashville, but I never had an olfactory overload there like I have here. Greece is definitely a scratch n' sniff country. Sometimes that is good, and sometimes it is very, very bad.

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sappho said...

Smelling cooking fish is nasty, I agree with you on that one. A girl at work heated some up in the microwave & it smelled like something had died, & working in an animal hospital we went walking around checking all the cages making "death checks"! Ewww!